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What is my role in the ABA therapy?

Parents play an integral part in their child’s ABA therapy program. From the initial assessment process
throughout the treatment period, the ...

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How do I incorporate movement and sensory activities in my child’s homework sessions?

Let’s face it: our poor kids have to sit all day at a desk in school and have no interest in sitting for another round of boring information. ...

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My son graduated Kitah Alef (Grade 1) and he still can’t read. What is the cause? Whom can I turn to for help?


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I’ve decided to mainstream my child from a special education setting to a general ed school. What are some pointers to consider?

Once you’ve decided to mainstream your child, the following are important Do’s and Don'ts:...

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How do I decide between a special education school setting and a mainstream setting for my child?

Choosing the right school for your child is never easy. When your child has special needs, it becomes a lot more challenging....

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How do I train my child to accept “No” for answer?

Often when my child demands an item such as ice cream, he will struggle to accept "No" for an answer. He will cry and yell until the demand is fulfill...

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How do I make my home environment a happy, safe place for my child?

I am a working mother of 4 and my 5-year-old son has ASD. I find that when I get home from work, I walk into a very stressful and tense environment. ...

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How can I help my child make friends?

My son is 8 years old, and I feel that he is lacking social skills. He loves to hang out with his friends, but sometimes it seems like he just does...

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How can I foster the development of early reading skills in my young children?

I know how important reading skills are to my child's success in school and in life. Is there anything I as a parent can do to support the development...

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How do I deal with an intensely emotional child, while juggling daily duties?

Question: I’m a mother of a large family including a child with intense emotions. This child often overacts and throws tantrums that are out of prop...

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