Encore Support Services

Where training takes center stage™

Encore Institute offers training and professional development workshops for therapists, interns, and paraprofessionals. Our goal is for workshop attendees to explore new ways of helping the children under their care.

Headliner guests include renowned speakers and trainers, who teach a wide array of skills and techniques in all areas and domains, including social skills, reading, sensory integration, executive functioning, and much more.

Workshop attendees are presented with certificates of completion at the conclusion of each workshop, yielding additional resources to grow their careers and provide a higher standard of care.

Instituting Progress
with Passion

Encore Institute is proven to teach more than what caregivers learn in their formal training. Our programs involve more than books and theories, as we incorporate real-life situations into our curriculum. The result is a more care-ready professional with their head in the right place and their heart in everyplace.

Onsite skill

The many workshops at Encore Institute create wonderful opportunities for testing and practical application of both formal education and advanced skills. Attendees get a firsthand experience of the realities and complexities involved in working with our children and their families, educators and other professionals.


To enable our therapists to offer Encore-grade support to children in our mutual care, we empower them with access to our proprietary interactive systems that help track and monitor child progress. With one digital login they can track success, collaborate with the child’s entire team, and contribute to other areas of care.

A closer look at big-picture training

Observe and develop different

and unique ways to interact with each child to uncover their hidden trigger—that little something that makes them crack a smile, or acknowledge that they understand and like what they are doing—and feel the greatest sense of accomplishment and pride every time a milestone is reached.

Learn our holistic approach

to learning that allows us to delve into each child’s world and form a bond with the child, the family and the care team. Alongside other professionals and the child’s family, fight for a child who cannot defend him or herself—and succeed because you have the tools, the support, the resources, the education and the experience.


    Above all, arm yourself with the passion

    the compassion and the drive to place a child’s needs ahead of everything else.