Encore Support Services

A Hand in Child progress.

  • Encore offers big-picture special education, behavioral health and related services that honor children as individuals. We believe in giving kids of every level of ability their best chance at a full life by developing a 360° treatment plan that empowers them to develop life skills in school, at home, and beyond. We also support families as they navigate the challenges of raising a special needs child.
  • Encore’s success is also due to our focus on empowering therapists to do their best work. They receive ongoing training and career counseling, which enables them to offer the ultimate support to children in their care. This includes providing them with proprietary interactive systems that help track and monitor child progress. We also place keen emphasis on promoting collaboration with parents and the rest of the care team.

Encore ABA and Special Ed

  • What is Encore ABA?

    Developed by licensed therapists and innovative educational professionals, the Encore child-building philosophy combines key care strategies with advanced methods of ABA therapy.

    Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is used today as a proven intervention approach for individuals with disabilities, especially children with autism. EncoreABA builds on those core therapies to enable broader applications in diverse settings and to achieve greater success in the home, at school, and in familial and communal environments.
  • About Encore Special Ed

    Encore leads the field of special education, offering support for children ages 5 and up who are enrolled in schools but require additional assistance to develop successfully in mainstream school settings. Often, children in this age group remain underserved as they lose vital government aid on their 5th birthday. With Encore, children enjoy access to the exceptional therapy services they need, without hassle or financial strain on their

EncoreABA and DOE special education services function as highly complementary sets of child-building tools, and are thus provided in addition to one another.

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