Encore Support Services

Specialized Education Services

An educated approach to personal growth

Education is our specialty

  • At Encore we know that learning happens on every level. For children with an IEP through the Department of Education, that learning takes the form of specialized education services.

  • We are proud to be the first agency to make onsite supervisors at local schools a core part of our education plan. Working directly with children, therapists and school staff, we ensure all available services are easily accessible for each child under our care, and that their learning potential is maximized on the individual level.

First we learn

Before we teach, we learn. We take the time to meet and interact with your child to help determine their preferences, abilities and personality. Only then do we introduce a skilled educator who can bond and grow with your child.


Taught with love

We take the profession personally. Using our holistic approach, we collaborate with the school as well as work with your child on an individual basis to identify challenges, develop skills, and successfully complete defined academic goals.


A family matter

Remove red tape with the ongoing assistance of a Service Coordinator dedicated to identify services available to your child, inform you of your rights-to-service, and ensure child wellbeing remains atop the school’s priorities.


Learning made
individual, exciting and effective

Children learn more when learning is fun. To know what your child finds interesting, their Encore educator bonds with them on a deeper, more personal level. The insight allows us to design a learning plan focused on long-term gains—without the trauma of a forced attempt to fit a child, with special needs into a mainstream mold.

In collaboration with yourself and your child’s education/behavior teams, we structure the learning plan around your child’s schedule and family lifestyle. This ensures learning occurs in a safe, relaxed environment and at a time that is stress-free for your child.

The ideal time differs from child to child. Whether yours responds best to instruction and learning in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, on weekends, at home, in school, at Encore, or in a hybrid environment, our learning comprehensive plan is constructed in a way that makes learning individual, exciting and effective.

Encore specialized education specialties

Behavior Modification DIR/Floortime

Social Skills & Social Thinking

Speech-Language Therapies

Multi-Sensory Math & Reading Instruction

Brain Gym & Physio-neuro therapy

Hebrew Reading Skill (Kriah) Training

Hands-On Music Therapy

Neuropsychological, Nutritional & Behavioral Evaluations