Encore Support Services

Special Education Services

For children with Department of Education IEP
  • Encore connects you with a dedicated Service Coordinator who identifies the services available to your school-aged child as well as your rights-to-service under educational mandate.

    Your child is carefully matched with a therapist chosen for his or her ability to address the child’s interests and potential, while bonding and working with them as an individual. Using a holistic approach, they help your child address challenges and develop the skills necessary to successfully complete academic goals throughout the year.
  • Encore was the first agency to offer onsite supervisors to maximize services’ potential. These professionals see children in person on a constant basis, coach and guide the therapists, and collaborate with school personnel.t

    Services include special education and related services, which can take place in school, at home, or on a hybrid schedule.

Some of Our Specialties Include:

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
Social Skills & Social Thinking
Speech-Language Therapies
Multi-Sensory Math & Reading Instruction
Brain Gym & Physio-neurotherapy
Hands-On Music Therapy
Neuropsychological, Nutritional & Behavioral Evaluations

Encore ABA  Services

Typically covered by insurance

Our mission with the ABA program is to nurture children with autism so they gain as much independence as possible and grow into functioning members of society.

Encore takes ABA therapy to a new level of effectiveness by focusing on child-initiated play in fun, welcoming environments. We use positive, natural reinforcement to help build social skills and develop thinking strategies that serve the child all through life.

Easing the process. Improving the potential.

For comprehensive service coordination, our intake professionals learn about the child and their needs, and then match them with the BCBAs and RBTs that fit the case best.

Our behavior specialists and mental health professionals work together to design a 360° plan that addresses social and functional goals on an individualized basis. Experienced BCBAs supervise treatment and provide professional guidance to Registered Behavior Technicians. Nuanced Social Skill Training is also available to address the needs of children with high functioning autism.

Imagine watching your child run off with friends who want to play together, perhaps for the first time ever. Imagine feeling less stress about how your child is going to react to the next important family reunion, wedding, or gathering. Imagine finding solutions for your most pressing parenting concerns and, at last, enjoying some true peace of mind.

By arming your child with a full suite of communication tools that helps them express wants and needs, the result is more tranquility at home and beyond, and growing confidence in all social settings. Children under Encore care display a want to grow their proficiency, step-by-step, and our programs are highly successful as a result.

A study in individualized learning.

Encore’s service programs are designed with ultimate flexibility to accommodate both child and family. We focus on which hours work best for the child, and on the environments that are most conducive to growth, be it at home, in school, on weekends, in the evenings, within a group setting, or on a one on one basis.

Encore also spearheads Sunday and after-school social groups to give children on the autism spectrum an opportunity to interact with one another in a safe, fun environment. These programs create a non-threatening atmosphere where children make friends and practice their new acquired life skills.

Encore ABA Services Include:

Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBAs)
Comprehensive Treatment & Behavior Intervention Planning
Parent Coaching
Direct BCBA Supervision of RBTs
After-School Social Groups
EncoreABA Music Therapy
Ongoing Professional Development & Support
Collaboration with Entire Child Care Team

A Word About Insurance

Many children don’t have the right forms of insurance to obtain ABA services, which is why we connect families with insurance professionals who guide them through the process of obtaining the correct coverage that helps them tap into the services and support they need. Contact us today to learn more about insurance matters.

At Encore we’re by your side for your child’s total journey. Contact us to get started today.

Some of the plans we accept: